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About Us
With over two decades of experience, High Achievement Center has successfully taught individuals just like you how to drastically improve their financial situation.

The Life Coaching Team Who Puts You First

In the simplest terms, we believe our purpose is to make a difference in people's lives; people just like you!  Through personalized coaching and consulting, with real-life conversations that you know you need, we aim to empower each individual to live intentionally. 

Our experts are certified in financial and credit counseling and use advanced techniques and approaches to problem-solving - leaving you feeling transformed and in control of your life.

Credit Elevation

Elevate your mindset about your credit and learn how to avoid further damage to your finances with the High Achievement Center’s 760 Mindset® Program. Here you’ll be educated on proper financial patterns, building sustainable habits, and various ways to improve your credit score.

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Coaching & Consulting

Become more self-aware, set positive intentions, and take an in-depth look at your financial and personal problems. With the High Achievement Center’s coaching and consulting programs you’ll learn how to create your own roadmap to life in an accountable and sustainable way.

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Photo of Jodi Lehman and Mr. Joe

High Achievement Center Will Work with You Toward a Positive Change

Jodi and Mr. Joe work together to create a personal plan that is best for your needs. Working as a life coach, Jodi’s passion lies in helping clients achieve the skills to maximize their effectiveness in their personal and professional lives. Mr. Joe is also a life coach, specializing in relationship managment, emotional intelligence, and high-level credit strategies. Together, these two professionals are able to provide personalized guidance—setting you up for success.

Elevate Your Mindset When it Comes to Your Credit, Finances, & Life
The High Achievement Center is here to help you take control of your life and become the success we know you can be.
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