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Get to Know Jodi Lehman
“Nothing changes until your mind changes” -Dr. Myles Munroe
Photo of Jodi Lehman

Jodi Lehman

Life Coach

As a University of Wisconsin - La Crosse graduate, Jodi has a M.S. in Human Performance and a B.S. in Health Education and Physical Education. Additionally, she is a certified financial health counselor through the NACCC.

Jodi’s coaching method relies heavily on the concept that “you are your business.” Whether you work a corporate job, are climbing the corporate ladder, are self-employed, or own a business, the main ingredient is you. Jodi has worked with people for countless years and found that fundamentally, regardless of backgrounds or current situations, people are looking to succeed in this life.

Jodi will guide you on how to:

  • Prioritize and manage your time effectively
  • Improve your task management skills
  • Personal & Business money management 
  • Set and achieve realistic goals
  • Small business structuring 

As a life coach, Jodi will help you develop the personal skills needed to maximize your effectiveness. In addition to your own specialist knowledge and technical skills, you also need a set of additional vital skills to give you a better understanding of how to manage yourself and deal with the problems that occur in everyday life.

Jodi has a no-nonsense approach and an extraordinary attentiveness to detail that allows her to assist her clients in defining what they want and why. She has worked with busy professionals, small business owners, factory workers, and waitresses—people like you—to develop a clear picture of their most important work and leverage their time and energy to get more of the right things done. She greatly admires people who genuinely believe their future is bigger than their past and are willing to put the work into their own success.

You have important work to do. Should the prospect of spending your time and energy to more effectively pursue your most important work sound interesting to you, Jodi would love to talk.

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