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Mr. Joe has not only repaired my credit, but he also educated me during the whole process. I learned the importance of strategic planning (Z to A) and the power of leverage! This program has changed my life forever. Thank you, Mr. Joe and Jodi! 5 stars - D. Smith

Work with Our Certified Financial Coaches and Credit Counselors to Fix Your Credit Score!

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Repair your credit and learn how to avoid further damage to your finances with our 760 Mindset® Program.

Although there are different ways to fix your credit score, until you get to the root of the problem as to why your credit score needs to be fixed, you won’t be set up for success in your financial future.

Our 760 Mindset® Program educates clients about their financial patterns. Our financial counselors will teach you how to break bad habits and how to build sustainable ones all while simultaneously fixing your credit score.

Learn how we can help you fix your finances today!

Get Help from Our Financial Coaches
National Association of Certified Credit Counselors

What Can Our Credit Repair Specialists Do For You?

  • Teach you about financing
  • Help you build good credit habits
  • Give you tools to create a sensible budget
  • Get you on a schedule to pay your bills
  • Help you understand HOW and WHY your credit is being repaired
  • Change the way you approach financial decisions
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Let Our Financial Consultants Help Get You Back On Track Today

We offer a unique blend of financial coaching and consulting which merges advanced techniques and approaches to problem solving.

Our financial planners have over 20 years of experience in credit repair and finances and are certified as financial and credit counselors. We have all of the experience and expertise that is needed to accomplish your goals and objectives that are necessary for you to achieve higher with your credit score and your finances.

Call us for financial counseling and credit repair in Detroit, MI!

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Do You Have Questions About Financial Counseling Services or Repairing Your Credit Score?

How can I repair my credit score quickly?
The best way to repair your credit quickly is to understand what spending habits contribute to bad credit scores and correct or avoid them. Paying off your credit cards is a good start, but you need a specialized credit repair company to educate you and help you fix your credit score.
Can you fix my credit score for free?
High Achievement Center is happy to offer free credit repair evaluations. Once you are able to sit down and talk to one of our credit score consultants and talk about where your credit could use improvement, we put together a customized plan to fix your credit and implement it.
Why trust HAC to help with my finances?
Our certified financial coaches have over two decades in the financial coaching industry. Unlike large credit corporations, when you work with HAC you get personalized service with financial plans that are tailored to your financial needs. We want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.
How will financial coaching change my life?
Trusting our financial planners to teach you how to make good financial decisions will absolutely transform your life and the way you spend money. By going through our 760 Mindset® Program, you will have a whole new understanding and plan for how to spend your money wisely while still being able to enjoy the life you want to live.
How long does restoring my credit take?
Unlike doing damage to it, repairing your credit can take a longer amount of time depending on how bad your credit score is currently. The good news is there are always things you can do to improve your credit score. Let our certified credit counselors give you a free credit analysis to determine the best way for you to get started fixing your credit score.
What actions hurt my credit?
Your credit can be brought down a lot faster than it can be brought up. Review the following items that can hurt your credit:
  • Not paying bills on time
  • Filing for bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Applying for too many credit accounts
  • Carrying too high balances on your credit cards
  • Ignoring negative items on your report.
How can HAC help me fix my credit score?
High Achievement Center specializes in financial coaching and credit repair. Ensuring your credit score is in good standing is vital if you want to own a house, buy a car, or make other large and small financial decisions one day. When you need help with fixing your credit score, there is no one else to turn to other than our financial planning coaches. Contact our credit fixers today by calling us or filling out the lead form below.
What is a good credit score?
Typically, businesses, lenders, and institutions like to see credit scores higher than 670. Helping clients fix their bad credit scores is one of High Achievement Center’s specialties as a part of our 760 Mindset® Program, where we help our clients target their credit score to be an ideal 760. Contact us today to request a free credit restoration evaluation.
What are ways I can improve my credit score?
If you are looking to fix your credit score fast, there are a few things you can do:
  • Catch up on past-due accounts
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Don't let bills go to collections
  • Keep the balance on your credit cards low
Of course, the financial and credit repair counselors at High Achievement Center are here to offer recommendations and do a deep analysis of how you can improve your credit score. Contact us today to request a free credit evaluation.
Why work with a credit fixing company?
With a professional credit repair company guiding you toward better financial habits, you will find yourself on a track toward financial freedom. Be sure to work with one that has extensive experience consulting clients when it comes to restoring their credit or evaluating credit history, like our credit counselors at High Achievement Center!