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Credit Coaching For You
Work with our certified financial coaches and credit counselors to fix your credit score!

We are Michigan's Leader in Credit Coaching

Your credit score is a reflection of your financial responsibility. From paying bills on time to taking out loans, your credit score expresses how financially successful you have been in the past. Though these calculations may seem insignificant, understanding the health of your credit is crucial to your future success. At the High Achievement Center, we prioritize your finances and get you up to speed on how to improve your score.

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Elevate Your Credit Score with Our 760 Mindset® Program

Set yourself up for success by taking control of your credit. In the High Achievement Center’s 760 Mindset® Program, we’ll guide you through our proven process—identifying the root of the financial problem and discussing ways in which you can increase your credit score. Our experts will educate you on proper financial management, how to break bad habits, and how to build sustainable and healthy financial habits moving forward.

Fix Your Finances Today!

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Our Credit Specialists Are Here For You

Create the credit you deserve. Our credit experts are here to help by creating a beneficial plan for you to succeed in the coming years. We’re prepared to assist you with the following:

  • Teach you about financial management
  • Help you build good credit habits
  • Give you the tools to create a sensible budget
  • Creating a schedule to pay your bills on time
  • Help you understand how and why your credit is being prepared
  • Change the way you approach financial decisions
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Get Back on Track, Today

At the High Achievement Center, we offer a unique blend of credit and financial counseling and coaching designed to create lifetime skills. Whether you’re facing consequences from the previous year’s decisions or want to stay ahead of your finances, the experts at High Achievement Center are ready to show you how to get started.

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