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Your Results Matter to Us!

"I always knew that having great credit, even good credit was important. Growing up, my parents never talked about it though. It wasn't until I became and adult and realized that I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do because I had either no credit or very bad credit. Fast forward a couple decades and I meet Mr Joe and the HAC family! I use the word family because that's how I was treated! This program has not only changed my credit life, but my financial thinking as well. There's no use in having great credit if you don't have a plan! HAC tailored a program that fit my needs and walked me through until the very end. I'm so thankful and grateful for their help! I sowed the seeds and my harvest was plentiful!"

A. Olds


"Since the day I walked into the office of the High Achievement Center, it was all about how to conduct business; right down to being ten minutes early for an appointment. My whole life changed. I went from being embarrassed about my credit, because I really had none to speak of; to being able to rent a rental car without asking someone to help me, So much stress has been released from my life since my transformation in the program. If you listen, follow directions, and pay attention to the details they are teaching you; you open the door to a new life."

To continued success!

L. Tucker


"The High Achievement Center has been an excellent and educational experience. It has brought together a good practical and professional approach at goal achievement. The staff has been both straight forward and courteous. I would recommend The High Achievement Center to those who are looking to take their financial education to the next level."

A. Moore


"The High Achievement Center is the best tool I've had in my life for success. I engaged in services as college educated, goals driven young lady. I am now a financially literate, fiscally responsible woman with a very clear understanding of credit - as it pertains to all aspects of life. You need direction, you just don't know it yet. Your search stops here.

Your center speaks for itself, every time somebody asks me how I bought my home in such a short period of time."

M. Hampton


"The High Achievement Center has truly changed my life. As A Disabled Veteran I felt defeated. Mr. Joe helped me to understand the importance of credit and how to manage my finances. He also helped me deal with issues that I didn't realize was holding me back. Jodi gave me tools to help me realize that nothing in life is impossible. Mr. Joe and Jodi are a blessing, and I am truly thankful God put them in my life!"

S. Smith


"When I first went to the High Achievement Center, I didn't know what to expect I was referred by a client of mine. Let just say that I was blown away by the level of knowledge, education, and professionalism they presented. Being in the real estate business and dealing with clients who sometimes may have credit issues I thought I was somewhat well versed in this arena.....not even close to what I learned and the insight I gained from HAC. Using their services has helped me tremendously personally and professionally. If a person is looking to elevate their credit and themselves as a whole I highly recommend the High Achievement Center."

C. Shaw


"Mr. Joe has not only repaired my credit, but he also educated me during the whole process. I learned the importance of strategic planning (Z to A) and the power of leverage! This program has changed my life forever. Thank you, Mr. Joe and Jodi!"

D. Smith


"My experience with the High Achievement Center was phenomenal. I wanted to accomplish certain goals and I never had to second guess what was needed to do to get there. Their guidance and knowledge have been life changing."

T. Porter


"The High Achievement Center team was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful.Their unwavering commitment to quality and hard work, along with their open communication, increased both my credit score and my family's knowledge of the rules of credit and our ability to move forward with continued financial success. I would recommend them without hesitation!"

M. & A. Wilson


"The High Achievement Center proved to be a valuable resource for credit restoration that included step-by-step guidance throughout the process. The High Achievement Team is professional, caring and forward thinking in their strategic game plan to enhance your financial empowerment. I highly recommend the High Achievement Team without reservation."

O. Perdue