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Real People, Real Results

At the High Achievement Center, we measure our success by the impact we have on our clients' lives. Our programs are designed to deliver real, lasting change, and the stories of our clients’ transformations are a testament to our dedication and expertise. Read on to discover how individuals just like you have overcome challenges, achieved their goals, and unlocked their potential through our personalized coaching and consulting services.

"Let me start by saying, THANK YOU! Mr. Joe & Jodi came into my life almost 5 years ago. The HAC was introduced to me by a former business partner of mine and After sitting with Mr. Joe and going over the business we were about to embark in, Mr. Joe told me NOT to do the deal due to my current situation at that time (I was a MESS). Needless to say, I did the deal anyway and should have listened… Fast forward two years ago I hired them to fix all of problems that I got myself into. Working with the HAC has taught me how to speak more professionally, negotiate better, and how to be a better leader. With that said, the HAC has been a staple in my companies future growth. As a serial entrepreneur, I have always struggled to take advice but with Mr. Joe & Jodi, its effortless because they do such a great job at explaining the process. Keep up the great work!"

- D. Criswell


"The High Achievement Center is exactly what you think it means. A center for high achievers. The caveat is when you start your Journey with Mr. Joe and Jodi, you begin to understand you’re not the winner you believed yourself to be. You’re accepting things that you genuinely have no desire to accept. Well, at least that was my experience. When I met Mr. Joe, I was 100% convinced I knew my purpose, WRONG. I knew NOTHING. I enrolled in the Inner Tiger Program, in which Mr. Joe and Jodi redirected my focus and helped me realize I gave up on my dreams because I was distracted. They Believed in me, and now I am unstoppable. I have an indescribable hunger for success. They have instilled in me to continue to push the envelope, and in doing so, I’ve begun to WIN. I became a High Achiever and will never stop attending HAC. Why? They gave me the truth, the raw, absolute truth. Now I can weather every storm."

- B. Davis

"The High Achievement Center is one of the best places I’ve stepped foot in! The programs and teacher(s) sat with me and helped me really grasp the knowledge, no matter how many questions I had. They will be patient with you, however the High Achievement Center is a no nonsense operation.

Advice: Help them help you! Show up on time, follow directions, bring a notepad, and it helps to dress professionally as this is a professional establishment! They will push you to become better through critical thinking, unlearning bad practices and learning great habits, teach you how to navigate through the world of credit, and elevate you and your mindset! I could say a lot of great things, but you should go try it out yourself. I HIGHLY recommend!"

- L. Royal

"Mr. Joe and jodi were amazing at identifying the elements required to improve self-confidence and self-worth. The program is intended to touch on the roots of your inner short comings to bring out the best of you so that you are able to fulfill your vision and purpose. Through multiple sessions and 1-on-1 coaching from Mr. Joe, you begin to evaluate and become aware of aspects of your life that need improvement. Through these adjustments by following their advice and guidance, you grow to become a better, more confident, and developed child of God and before you know it, you aren't the same person that stepped foot in that door months later. The magic is in the taking action after every session. However one question remains: Do you have what it takes to improve your world for the better?"


- S. Aguinaga


"I thank God for High Achievement Center! My credit score had plummeted to depths that I do not care to ponder...but after receiving the credit educational services and applying them as instructed, my scores have increased significantly!  I walk boldly and confidently into banks and lending agencies now commanding the terms I WANT.  Based on my increased knowledge of the inner workings of the credit world, High Achievement Center has provided me with the necessary tools to ensure my score continues to soar!  Yeah... I'm Highly favored, and I'm feeling like a Boss.  Thanks, High Achievement Center Team!"


- F. Salary

"Since the day I walked into the office of the High Achievement Center, it was all about how to conduct business; right down to being ten minutes early for an appointment. My whole life changed. I went from being embarrassed about my credit, because I really had none to speak of; to being able to rent a rental car without asking someone to help me, So much stress has been released from my life since my transformation in the program. If you listen, follow directions, and pay attention to the details they are teaching you; you open the door to a new life. To continued success!"


- L. Tucker

"I have been using the HAC for a few years now and I absolutely love their team and results!! I went through the Credit Program to help rebuild my credit and most recently went through their Coaching program. Not only were they able to help me finance a new car, but they created a plan for me to get this taken care of within a week and a half timeframe! They also assisted with choosing a new line of credit for me where I would receive a higher credit limit than my current credit card. Lastly, they helped me finance my student loans for a lower rate! I couldn't be more satisfied with HAC and their team! They take care of you like family and give you solutions you can act on right away. Don't wait to give them a call, why not call them now and let them assist you with your problems today, I promise you that you will be stress free tomorrow! Thank you HAC team!!"


- S. Hover

Sasha_2023 (1).jpg

"I always knew that having great credit, even good credit was important. Growing up, my parents never talked about it though. It wasn’t until I became and adult and realized that I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do because I had either no credit or very bad credit. Fast forward a couple decades and I meet Mr. Joe and the HAC family! I use the word family because that’s how I was treated! This program has not only changed my credit life, but my financial thinking as well. There’s no use in having great credit if you don’t have a plan! HAC tailored a program that fit my needs and walked me through until the very end. I’m so thankful and grateful for their help! I sowed the seeds and my harvest was plentiful!"


- A. Olds

"I honestly wasn’t sure if The High Achievement Center was right for me but I had heard nothing but good things from previous customers so I decided to put my skepticism aside once I had my free evaluation with Mr. Joe . Once I established my purpose for coming to Mr. Joe. He helped me gain the credit knowledge that I had been lacking. My credit score went from 630’s to 699! Mr. Joe and the High Achievement Center were nothing but honest and helpful when it came to the process. They made it easy to be a client. I’m so happy I trusted The HAC and their strategic process."


- M. Stewart

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Ready to Transform Your Life?

Take the first step towards achieving your highest potential with the High Achievement Center. Whether you need guidance on financial stability, leadership development, or personal growth, our expert coaches are here to support you every step of the way. Don’t wait—your journey to a more fulfilling life starts now.

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