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Mr. Joe has not only repaired my credit, but he also educated me during the whole process. I learned the importance of strategic planning (Z to A) and the power of leverage! This program has changed my life forever. 5 stars - D. Smith

Mr. Joe is One of Those Guys Who Really Listens to You, Understands People, and Teaches Unique Techniques

Discover Lindell's Unique Set of Techniques in the Following Areas:

Emotional Intelligence: Learn how to manage your emotions so you can be excellent in your daily interactions with people. His techniques will take your personal and work relationships to another level.

Habits: Mastering the habits of a “Get It Done Mindset.” Turn your “To-Do List” into a MUST DO LIST!

Refocus Your Focus: Strategic counseling on how to overcome emotional procrastination.

Title Stripping: Saying yes but you really want to stay no puts you in an emotional predicament. Mr. Joe teaches you the power of title stripping. Learning how to identify and deal with what people are asking of you.

Relationship Management: Putting the “US” in your relationship. Learn the concept of micro-managing yourself along with the "Us verses Me."

Credit Strategies: Credit techniques that will empower you to look at yourself as a business.  Create the ability to borrow from you to build & grow your business.


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