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Black Lion Program
Become the leader you’re meant to be!
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Activate Your Leadership Potential with High Achievement Center in Farmington Hills, MI

Commit to becoming a leader. Most people will sit on the side lines and hope something better will come along; the graveyard is full of those people who never stepped out of their comfort zone to become the leader they were meant to be. Accept this leadership challenge and allow the High Achievement Center to lead you on an 11-week self-discovery, action-oriented path toward leadership.


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The Black Lion Program is...

...designed for mission minded people who are seeking to learn, define, and grow leadership skills. 

That's me!

You Will...

...understand the relationship between accountability and action that creates leaders. You will explore and be guided to develop your leadership skills.

I'm in!

Develop Your Skills:

  • Mindset & attitude
  • Self-love
  • Emotional intelligence & people awareness
  • Develop your unique gifts & learn how to release them
Elevate Your Mindset When it Comes to Your Credit, Finances, & Life
The High Achievement Center is here to help you take control of your life and become the success we know you can be.
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